You Do Have Time To Workout

You Do Have Time To Workout

You Do Have Time To Workout

The #1 thing I hear from people is “I just don’t have the time”. Well this really is an Excuse.  You have the time…but how do you really spend it?

You have time to workout

As the quote from H. Jackson Brown says above, you do in fact have the same amount of time in day that everyone else does. What you do with it is a whole other question. It is time you become “aware” of how you spend your time. You may have told yourself that you do not have time to workout today. It may be a hectic one, or perhaps, it is way too over-scheduled.

However, I have news for you…

You do have time to work out.

It’s up to you, because it is always a Choice.

I am not going to say that we are not all busy and that it is easy to fit it in, but you and I know its an Excuse. You have the daily choice on what to do, where to go, people to see and things to be involved in each day.

Once you know what and why you do things, you can start to make sure to focus on the more important tasks (prioritize things in your life). To me I would think eating healthy, shopping for foods ahead of time, cooking good meals, daily exercise and spending time with friends/family should be up there. What should not be is hours spent in front of the TV, surfing the web without real purpose, or hours just chatting on the phone.

 Not Enough Time or Not Enough Will?

I often hear, “I want to get into shape, but I don’t have time to workout.”

This is one of the top time management white lies that we tell ourselves.

The truth is that you do have time to workout

What you are really saying is 1 of 2 things:

1- You do not have the willpower to actually commit to exercise.

2- You are putting something else before your exercise.

“You can tell yourself that you so not have time to workout…

But, what you are really saying is that something else is more important than your health.“

You Do Have Time To Workout

You Do Have Time To Workout

You Do Have Time to Workout: How do make time during your busy day?

Step 1: Write down what you spend time doing each day

Get a piece of paper and pen….yes I will wait…..Ok, got it? I mean it, this is your task for the day so take it seriously.

Now on it write the time you wake up (say like 6am) on one side, draw a horizontal line and on the other end write the time you go to sleep (say like 10pm). Now draw smaller vertical lines for each hour in-between 6am and 10pm. Add in more vertical lines for each half hour. If you have a calendar this works well as well.

OK, now really think about the past few days. Now write down what you did to spend your time. Account for each block of time, each hour, half hour, etc. This includes work, shopping, chores, TV, Facebook time, and anything else. When I say write everything down, I really mean Everything! Did exercise fall in there anywhere? Why not? How about cooking a dinner time meal? Again, why not?

This exercise is so you can really see how your “busy” time is spent. The goal each day of course is not to just be “busy”, but actually productive towards our own personal goals (which should include taking care of our body’s health). We want Focused Time. How you can realize that you do have time to workout.

Step 2: Close your eyes for a minute and now envision what your ideal day would be like

The next step is to find quiet time, close our eyes and now imagine what you “really” want your day to be like. How you want to spend your time. Things you would like to be doing. Now be realistic here, and not try to imagine yourself lying on beach in Florida (unless that is really the goal you want to work towards).

See when you would like to exercise and what kind it is. Is it going to be the gym or working at home to P90X or Insanity? Imagine when you would like to buy food and cook it. Envision what type of work you want to be involved with, and what you do not. What is it that you really want each day to be like? Be as specific as possible such as:

“I want to wake up early at 7am, cook a good breakfast of (insert your meal here like whole grain oatmeal with fruit or shakeology), to not be in such a rush, bring my own lunch which will be (insert your meal here), leave work each day no later than 5:30pm, do my workout (T25, Insanity, P90X workout, etc), and have a dinner of (insert meal here)…..”

You can include some TV or internet time in if you want, but make sure you are in full control of how much you really do watch and do online. I know how easy it can be to get sucked into some of those online games and reading all those Facebook posts.

Step 3: Cross off the “Busy” Distractions and Add the Actions you Need to Take

Now take that same piece of paper from step 1 that should be filled in with how you were spending your time, and start to change it to make it fit how you want to spend your time. Things that are a priority.

Get rid of (cross off) any commitments you don’t want to be involved with anymore, free up more time away from the TV/internet, wake up a bit earlier so you have no excuse to not eat breakfast or pack a lunch. Just bringing your lunch to work will save you money. Its a habit I have gotten into and usually consists of my shakeology shake or a lean protein (chicken, tunafish) with veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, broccoli) and whole grain starch (brown rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread). You will realize by doing this that you do have time to workout.

You DO Have Time to Workout

You Do Have Time to Workout


Remember, you are not allowed to use the excuse anymore of “…but I just don’t have the time”. You do have time to workout if you want to make it happen!  Please comment and if you found this post useful please share with friend via the social media links at the bottom of this post. More quick exercise tips can be found on my quick effective workout post. If you need help, don’t forget about the FREE Coaching & Challenge Groups. Be Healthy!

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