What is Shakeology is all about?

Shakeology Nutrition

What is Shakeology is all about?

Shakeology Nutrition

Here is an article written by a friend of mine, Carrie Morgan. She is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach that has 100’s of clients.

This is an article she wrote after trying and researching Shakeology. I always want to make sure you as many opinions as possible so you can make an Informed decision!

“As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, I am frequently asked about recommendations for “nutritious shakes”, “protein shakes”, or “meal replacements” and have been asked this for many, many years. For those of you who know me, you know I promote a whole-food diet and always recommend that you all get your nutrition from real, unprocessed food like wild fish and organic fruits, & vegetables, not “food” from a package. However, the reality is that despite my pleading & constant effort to educate you on proper nutrition, you are pressed for time with your busy lifestyle and if you do not fully grasp the concept of eating veggies & lean protein, you will quickly find yourselves driving through a fast-food drive thru or purchasing “healthy” meal replacement bars & shakes filled with chemicals. Knowing this, it is my job to research the best options for you and recommend a product that I feel completely confident about.

I have researched hundreds of products over the years but found that most were laden with harmful chemicals and indigestible proteins… until now. I have finally found one that I truly love because it has passed my strict protocol nutritionally in addition to tasting great. Shakeology. The best nutrient-dense super-food protein shake.

Shakeology is made from whole-food sources, which means no chemicals or additives. The ingredient list is actually made up of 70 whole-food ingredients, not just extracts, harvested from indigenous sources from around the world.

What it has:
1. Highly absorbable protein with all 8 essential amino acids helps build muscles & reduce food cravings
2. Daily supply of 23 vitamins & minerals so you don’t have to take your multivitamin any more
3. Red & blue super foods are high in cancer-preventing antioxidants
4. Green super foods help to detoxify the body, neutralize pH, and have anti-inflammatory properties
5. Adaptogen herbs help the body to cope with environmental stresses and toxins
6. Digestive enzymes and pre & probiotic aids improve digestion & nutrient absorption

What it doesn’t have:
1. NO artificial anything- colors, preservatives, flavors, or chemicals
2. NO caffeine- whole foods supply the body with all the nutrients it needs so it eliminates the need for additional stimulants making it safe for everyone
3. NO heat processing- considered a “raw” food, the whole-food ingredients won’t be denatured because they are never heated over 117 degrees, allowing them to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients and bioavailability
4. NO added sugar- certified low glycemic index helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, keep calories low, and promotes weight loss
5. NO gluten- limits bowel irritability while promoting nutrient absorption

Carrie’s personal story:
As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and holistic health enthusiast, I feel Shakeology is the best nutrient-dense super-food protein shake on the market and far superior to any protein shake available at the vitamin stores—believe me, I’ve looked and I’m picky. This comes from someone who will rarely recommend any one product over another simply because I’m a firm believer in eating whole, raw foods.

Before skeptically incorporating Shakeology into my routine, I considered my eating style to be quite healthy, practicing what I preach, trying to consume mostly whole organic foods free from chemicals, sugar, dairy, and gluten. Over the years, this lifestyle has helped me to manage my asthma, endometriosis, and irritable bowel syndrome. Now I have found that Shakeology is easy to incorporate into the rest of my whole-food meal plans because it’s made up of ingredients that I am confident are not only nutritious and pure, but healing.

Substituting my morning meal with Shakeology has saved me time and money in preparing an extra meal each day. I am full for hours after I have it even though it’s low in calories. I’m also able to save a boatload of money because I no longer have to take individual supplements to get all my multivitamins, supergreens, and digestive enzymes that I needed before—it’s all in my Shakeology. I’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels as they’ve gone way up. And without changing my regular workout routines, I’ve noticed my body becoming leaner in areas I previously struggled with toning (yes, even trainers have trouble spots). While I’m sharing secrets, I might as well tell you another benefit I’ve noticed. I used to have problems with nutrient absorption and toxin elimination as evidenced by brittle hair & nails, dry skin, and dark circles under my eyes. I’ve seen a significant change in these areas and I believe it’s because of the combination of adaptogen herbs, digestive enzymes, and phytonutrients working to detoxify my system and allow maximum nutrient absorption.

I also like that there are vegan options as well, for those of you who may want to rotate in animal-free meals or have dairy allergies. I’d recommend you try it as a powerful post-workout recovery shake blended with coconut milk and a half banana or as a meal replacement for breakfast on the go because I know you’ll see and feel the results just as I have. What was once a meal option I wouldn’t consider, Shakeology has now become my favorite meal of the day as well as my healthiest meal of the day.”

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    This was a great write-up and acalaide on Shakeology. I do love my Shakeology!!

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