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Happy August!

Where has time gone? Anyone else feeling like this year has just flown by? How about you? I am excited to be heading to Portland to celebrate a veterinary school classmate’s wedding! I have never been and I have heard it’s really fun. Looking forward to some beautiful hikes and times with good friends.

I currently love my new fat burning program and nutrition plan! So going to rock my dress at the wedding. Even better is that is travels with me! More details in my Back to Basics Group detail below. Come join us!

Also, I will be hosting a coaching sneak peek group starting next week! It’s a 3 day private group. The group will start on Wednesday August 9th. We will share our stories as well as important information about coaching and everything that our team has to offer. We will answer all your questions. No obligation at all. Just information on this life changing opportunity!

Click here to request to join the What is Beachbody Coaching group.

Getting Back to Basics
Weight loss…let’s face it…it isn’t rocket science. Truthfully we ALL know what we’re supposed to do. Right?!?! So then the question is WHY don’t we? Or even worse…WHY doesn’t it work?

Eat this. Don’t eat that. What?!?! Ugh! Sometimes we’re so inundated with contradicting opinions from this person, that organization, that magazine that we lose sight of the basics. We forget what we’re supposed to do. Sound familiar? It’s time to get Back to Basics.

My virtual 4-week community will keep all of us on track. Why? Because it’s gonna be easy, fun, & we’re in it together!

I’ve been at this “coaching” gig for almost 6 years now and have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of women and men. I have seen 3 very common themes:
1. People are looking for a quick fix. OK I’ll be honest again. Yes there are pills, wraps, potions, diets that ARE a quick fix. The issue is that they aren’t sustainable long-term…hence the yo-yo effect you keep experiencing. <— we’ll deal with this
2. Just because we know that we’re supposed to workout & eat well doesn’t mean we know the best method for OUR body type & goals. One size does NOT fit all. <— we’ll deal with this
3. People don’t get to the root source of WHY they overeat & make poor choices. <— we’ll deal with this

Choose to get Back to Basics NOW to feel good this summer when out with the family!

Choose to get Back to Basics NOW to keep up with the kids on their daily adventures!
Choose to get Back to Basics NOW to have energy back!

We’re talking fitness (no more than 30 min/day,) daily dense superfoods to COMBAT cravings, & support…LOTS of support, including live group videos, a private Facebook accountability group, recipes, complete nutritional plans showing you what to eat (and NOT be deprived,) meal plans, and more!

There will be:
•NO Expensive Gym Membership
•NO Embarrassing Classes
•NO Tasteless Diet Food
•NO Long Drives
•NO Getting Up Early
•NO Giving Up Fun!

Who this community is for:
•Someone who needs to get back on track
•Someone who wants to drop a clothing size
•Someone who wants a step-by-step blueprint of how to achieve a healthy weight
•Someone who wants to be part of a supportive group of women

Who this community isn’t for:
• Someone looking for a quick fix
• Someone not willing to be coached
• Someone who prefers to go about it alone
• Someone not willing to invest in her/his health

To be a part of the Back to Basics Virtual Community, you must:
•Commit to following the program
•Engage with the secret Facebook group, supporting others AND allowing others to support you
•Be willing to be brutally honest with me. I want to know what’s working, what’s not working, what tastes good, what doesn’t taste good. I want to know all the things that you wish you could say about a program but don’t.

Community is limited. I’m a very hands on coach & don’t want anyone to fall between the cracks. Our “preparation week” begins Monday August 7 and then we jump in with two feet on Monday August 14. Apply now!

As always, if you need anything, don’t HESITATE to reach out. Remember I’m just an email, phone call, text or FB message away.

Take care,
Christina M. Bové, DVM
ELITE Independent Beachbody Coach



  • Introducing Daily Sunshine – a Healthy Smoothie for Kids
  • 5 New Workouts from The Beast! A WEEK OF HARD LABOR! Streaming September 5 on BOD
  • Increase Daily Activity to Sneak in Exercise
  • Working Out When You’re Plus Size
  • Watch Autumn Calabrese Make Watermelon Cake
  • Recipe: Rainbow Salad in a Mason Jar
  • Recipe: Shakeology Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato
  • The Best Deal in Fitness: BOD All-Access Challenge Packs




Introducing Daily Sunshine

The 3-In-1 Smoothie for Picky Kids and Pickier Parents in Chocolate or Strawberry Banana!

Have you heard about the new, healthy snack called Daily Sunshine? It’s a new premium smoothie designed specifically for kids and their unique nutritional needs! Daily Sunshine has been carefully formulated to include the building blocks of nutrition kids need to help them grow up healthy and strong, and 4 out of 5 pediatricians approve its formula.

What is Daily Sunshine?
Daily Sunshine is a healthy drink for kids that’s been designed specifically for their unique dietary needs. It’s a healthy snack you can feel good about, made with organic fruits and vegetables, organic pea protein and healthy fats, and has 3 grams of fiber, probiotics, vitamins C & E, calcium, and vitamin D. The ingredients include apple, sweet potato, flaxseed, spinach, blueberry, acerola cherry, and strawberry.

Daily Sunshine is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO, and it contains NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Try it for your kids or for yourself!


Click here to purchase Daily Sunshine!
What You Need to Know about Daily Sunshine with Carl and Isabelle Daikeler
Daily Sunshine creator Isabelle Daikeler shares the benefits of this healthy snack option!

“The Beast” is back with A WEEK OF HARD LABOR! Celebrate Labor Day Like Never Before!

Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev is back with 5 grueling days of intense weightlifting routines. A WEEK OF HARD LABOR is Beachbody’s toughest weightlifting workout series to date! Each day will target a different muscle group and take you to complete exhaustion. Get ready to work starting Tuesday, September 5, right after Labor Day weekend, exclusively on Beachbody On Demand.

Will I really get a good workout in only 1 week?
Sagi designed A WEEK OF HARD LABOR as a challenge, with possibly the hardest weightlifting routines you’ve experienced.

Is there an eating plan?
Yes! The HARD LABOR eating plan will keep your nutrition clean and optimized for performance. It includes sample menus and variety-packed food lists. It also explains the best ways to use the Beachbody Performance* and, of course, Shakeology to get results!

*A quick note on Beachbody Performance
The Beachbody Performance supplement system helps give you better endurance and stamina…the focus to push harder…and even promotes faster muscle growth and recovery. It supports your body around the clock so you can keep crushing your goals day after day. Because every additional minute, and every extra rep, gets you that much closer to making your dream body a reality. Performance has you covered from start to finish, providing pre-workout energy, during-workout hydration, post-workout muscle recovery, and first-of-its-kind nighttime muscle recovery. Contact me for more information.

Sounds really hard. Can I actually do this?
One week is a manageable commitment, but be sure to listen to your body and only push to your own limits.

What equipment do I need?
Weights. How much weight depends on you. Someone who has never weight-trained likely won’t need a lot, but Sagi would use a ton (maybe literally). For the most flexibility in your weight selection, we recommend a 50-lb. adjustable set to start. If you want a low-cost place to start, we recommend getting a set of each range of dumbbells: light (3 lb.–5 lb.), medium (10 lb.–20 lb.), and heavy (25 lb.+). Then adjust your weight assortment based on your ability and progression in the program. You will also need a bench or stability ball and a pull-up bar or resistance bands with a door attachment.

How long are the workouts?
There are 45-minute workouts and one 25-minute ab workout designed to work your entire body focusing on different muscle groups each day: Chest & Back, Legs, Shoulders & Arms, Total Body and Core.

When you’ve crushed your first round of A WEEK OF HARD LABOR you’ll be glad it’s over, but you can come back for more. These five routines will continue to stream on BOD, so you can do them over and over again, or add them your workout regimen to

Are you up for a WEEK OF HARD LABOR? Join me and Sagi September 5! Still don’t have Beachbody on Demand? You’re missing out on the best deal in fitness where you can stream hundreds of premium workouts anytime anywhere!


Contact Me About Beachbody on Demand!



Increase Daily Activity to Sneak in Exercise

You want to go to the gym. You plan to go to the gym. You don’t go to the gym. But it’s OK: Short bouts of activity can be just as beneficial to your health as a full-blown sweat session, according to various studies.

In fairness, it so easy to be inactive. Once, stairs would have been the first thing that you saw in a building. Today, elevators are front and center. You have to hunt around for the stairs. Watching television and using electronic devices eat up hours. And we can drive everywhere. In today’s world, it’s activity that is unusual, not inactivity. Being active requires commitment, and for some people, that commitment can seem too much. A single mother of three kids working two or three jobs may well feel like working out is a luxury that she can do without.

Moving more takes very little effort but adds up throughout the day. And while short bouts of activity won’t necessarily help you lose weight or keep it off, everyone can benefit from a little more movement—especially when you can’t squeeze in a proper workout. That said, there are plenty of super-simple ways to be more active without screwing up your whole schedule.

Identify opportunities in your day that allow for more physical activity. At work, take the long route to the bathroom if you’re in an office or. Take stairs instead of elevators. Keep sneakers on hand to squeeze in a quick walk at lunch, and when you walk, walk at a brisk pace. Move your body more intentionally when doing household chores. Make more trips to the car when unloading groceries.

Some more ideas from

  1. SQUATS at the kitchen counter when you are waiting for your coffee to brew and LUNGES when you pick up toys.
  2. After you’re finished breakfast reach UP do some side bends.
  3. PARK your car at the back of the lot; avoid circling to get a close spot.
  4. While you are waiting (for anything!) do some simple reaching TWISTS and turns.
  5. CLIMB up the steps like a 2 year old or a lizard (whichever feels better!)
  6. WALK to get your mail/paper rather than stopping your car in the driveway.
  7. Squat down, and then REACH up with both hands to the ceiling to invigorate!
  8. For every 50 min. of sitting, anywhere, GET UP and move for 3 min. nonstop.
  9. Get your DOG, and go for a long walk once a week. You and he will love it!
  10. Do counter PUSH UPS in your kitchen.
  11. Get those GLIDERS that you move furniture, hold on to something, and lunge back.
  12. Good old fashioned CALISTHENICS still work!
  13. GO TO TOWN. Literally. Your town may be wonderful to walk about, through, across and up!
  14. PLAY with kids….let them teach you.
  15. If you walk, EXPLORE different terrains…the grass, the curbs, over some rocks.
  16. Choose the STEPS over the escalator always.
  17. Gardening, vacuuming, hands & knees housework, and hand washing your car all ROCK!
  18. Stand at your kitchen counter and for 3 min. MOVE your limbs in a backward direction.
  19. At the grocery store, avoid leaning on the cart. STAND TALL and push!
  20. Just DANCE. Anywhere, anytime, anyway

While this type of movement may seem trivial, it compounds quickly. It only requires that you tune into your day and be more mindful of how often you are sitting. When you shift out of autopilot, you’ll notice that not only does intermittent movement help you burn more calories, but it also wakes you up mentally, making you sharper and better able to concentrate throughout the day.



Working Out When You’re Plus Size

Starting a fitness journey is always a challenge, but it may feel even more daunting when you’re carrying a few extra pounds. If it’s been awhile since the last time you laced up your sneakers, you may not be 100 percent sure what you’re still capable of — which can make it a little intimidating to hit the gym alongside people who look like chiseled bodybuilders and aspiring fitness models.

But “fit” comes in many shapes and sizes — and you can always nail fitness goals in your own living room with Beachbody On Demand if the gym isn’t exactly your happy place. Here are a few tips for getting in shape, no matter what your shape is.

1. No workout is off limits.
Have you ever seen a workout that looked intriguing, but you were concerned you didn’t have the “right” body type for it yet? Maybe you want to try martial arts, but you’re worried that you lack the mobility, coordination, or power to execute a jab/cross/snap kick combo like a Muay Thai fighter. Or you want to try yoga, but you can barely hold downward dog.

Put those worries aside. If a workout program looks fun, such as Beachbody’s YOUv2 (an upbeat dance-inspired program for beginners), don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try it — because you’re more likely to stick with a workout program you actually enjoy. Plus, you can always do the modifiers (i.e., the less advanced variations of exercises) in the workouts in programs such as CORE DE FORCE or 21 Day Fix until you build the strength and mobility needed to execute the main exercises. “Be brave enough to try,” says Jericho McMatthews, Beachbody Super Trainer and co-creator of CORE DE FORCE. “Start with the modifier — even if you’re struggling to complete all the repetitions — and stick with it. You’ll get there.” If you’re nervous about starting a workout program, contact me for advice on where to start.

2. Don’t underestimate your fitness abilities.
Your weight or BMI (body mass index) can help you determine your starting point, but they’re not the only (or even the best) way to measure fitness.

Instead, gauge your progress by how strong and energetic you feel, and when you notice your workouts getting easier, go harder. “A lot of people get really safe about using modifications,” McMatthews says. “They don’t realize how fit they’re getting, and how fast they’re getting stronger.” If you begin to notice that the modifiers aren’t leaving you out of breath and drenched in sweat by the end of a workout, it’s time to move on to the main moves.

3. Get the right workout gear.
Splurging on workout gear might feel kind of vain, but it isn’t just about taking awesome sweaty selfies — the right gear can keep you comfortable and even help prevent discomfort and injury. A supportive sports bra can keep everything in place during plyometric (jumping) exercises, for example. Moisture-wicking fabric can prevent chafing between the thighs.

Working out with the right shoes is vital for many reasons. Unless you’re running, stop wearing running shoes when you exercise. “Everyone’s feet are different, so it’s not one-size-fits all,” McMatthews says. “But for anyone — especially anyone who’s plus-sized — make sure you have a shoe that supports the workout you are doing.”

4. Pay attention to your technique.
Proper form is always important. Not only does it help you get the most out of the exercise, but it can also help you reduce your risk of injury. “It’s really important to make sure your technique is there — especially if you’re carrying around more weight, because you need to protect your joints,” McMatthews says. Beachbody’s PiYo (part pilates, part yoga) and 3 Week Yoga Retreat are great programs for those wanting to take it easy on their joints since they are both low impact.

Whatever program you choose, take it slow when you’re first learning a move, and listen to the form cues from the instructor. “Work on proper alignment and proper technique so you’re avoiding injury — and getting better results, as well,” says McMatthews. It can be tempting to go full-throttle from the get-go, but that can backfire — if you get hurt, you won’t be able to work out for awhile.

5. Set non-scale goals.
Don’t let the scale be your only barometer of success — look for other signs that you’re getting stronger and slimmer. Have you lost an inch off your waist? Are you using heavier weights than you were last month? Can you hold a 10 seconds plank longer? Do you see a thinner profile when you look in the mirror? “Focus on non-scale victories, like how you’re feeling during the workouts and if you have more energy during the day,” McMatthews says.

That includes emotional victories, too, such as feelings of pride and confidence following a tough workout. The keys to meeting fitness goals are to stay positive and not get discouraged. Stay consistent and be patient — results will come. “After a tough workout, a lot of people feel like a new and improved version of themselves, regardless of how much weight they have lost,” says McMatthews.



Not Your Mama’s fruit cake! Watch Autumn Calabrese make no-bake Watermelon Cake from watermelon, whipped cream, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and walnuts.

Rainbow Salad in a Mason Jar

When you pull out this mason jar salad for lunch at work or at your next picnic, it’s bound to catch the eye of everyone around you with its rainbow of colors that’ll make eating healthy fun.

You’ve heard to “eat the rainbow.” Well here’s why. The colors found in nature are each associated with different phytonutrients. By eating a wide range of them, you provide your body with a broad spectrum of nutrition. For instance, carrots and yellow bell are rich in beta-carotene, red peppers contain lycopene, and red cabbage has powerful antioxidants…everything in this salad is packed with nutrition, but we just love how it tastes!

Ingredients for 4 Salads

  • 4 1-quart mason jars
  • 1/2 cup white balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup fresh flat leaf (Italian) parsley finely chopped
  • Sea salt (to taste; optional)
  • ground black pepper (to taste; optional)
  • 2 cups chickpeas (garbanzo beans) drained, rinsed
  • 1 cup carrots sliced
  • 1 medium red bell pepper chopped
  • 1 medium yellow bell pepper chopped
  • 2 cups red cabbage chopped
  • 1 cup chopped cucumber
  • 8 cups assorted salad greens like mixed spring lettuce
  • 1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds

Combine vinegar, oil, garlic, and parsley in a small bowl; whisk to blend. Season with salt and pepper if desired; mix well. Evenly divide dressing between 4 one-quart Mason jars. Set aside. Evenly layer chickpeas, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, cucumber, salad greens, and sunflower seeds on top of dressing in jars. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Shake before serving.



Shakeology Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato

For Bottom Layer:
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup ice
½ scoop Vanilla Shakeology
For Top Layer:
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
½ cup ice
½ scoop Café Latte Shakeology
¼ tsp. ground cinnamon
½ tsp. pure caramel extract

For Bottom Layer:
1. Place almond milk, ice, and Shakeology in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.
2. Pour into serving glass. Place glass in freezer while you blend the next layer.

For Top Layer:
1. Place almond milk, ice, Shakeology, cinnamon, and extract in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.
2. Slowly pour into serving glass over bottom.



The Best Deal in Fitness: Beachbody All Access Challenge Packs

If you don’t have Beachbody on Demand, you’re missing the best deal in fitness! BOD is a one-year subscription that provides access to EVERY Beachbody workout, PLUS access to any NEW workouts released during the year AND exclusive shows. You can stream BOD and workout anytime, anywhere with you TV, laptop, tablet, or phone!

This doesn’t cost as much as you think. A full year of FULL access to Beachbody on Demand is just $99, and the absolute best value are the challenge pack options.

The All Access Shakeology Challenge Pack gives you 24/7 streaming access to Beachbody On Demand, while fueling your body with Shakeology — the superfood shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, and accelerates your fitness results. This bundle includes a 30-day supply of Shakeology for just $160!


Click to Purchase All Access + Shakeology Challenge Pack

The All Access Performance Challenge Pack gives you streaming access to hundreds of workouts, plus a month supply of two performance-boosting supplements with key ingredients to help you push harder, increase your energy, improve your endurance, jump-start your recovery, and combat exercise-induced muscle soreness. All this for just $160!


Click to Purchase All Access + Performance Challenge Pack



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