Success Magazine Subscription in the Coach Online Office

Success Magazine

Success Magazine Subscription in the Coach Online Office

For those of you who are currently coached by me in a challenge group on facebook,  locally in Houston, or mentored by me as a Beachbody Coach you will know that personal development is top priority to achieving success and arriving at your goals. A great resource is a Success Magazine subscription.  I am constantly listening to audio in my car and reading a new book.  I am following the examples of my mentors Craig Holiday,  Carl Daikler, and Melanie Bolen.   Why?

Personal Development grows positive philosophies into your life.

positive thoughts

“The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.” 

A few of the personal development books that I recommended for Beachbody coaches are The Slight Edge, Eat that Frog, Tribes, The Compound Effect and Go for No.

Four times a year Team Beachbody has a Super Saturday, the last one took place on April 13th, 2013  thousands of coaches across the nation gathered together to celebrate success, talk about new product lines, and do a little bit of training.  One thing that was emphasized is the importance of Personal Development.

We are luck as coaches in that for over a year we have had a SUCCESS TAB in our Coach Online Office.   This is a subscription to Success Magazine.

Success Magazine is available in your coach online office

Success Magazine

Success Magazine


Because personal development is so crucial to overcoming obstacles and developing into a leader, Beachbody has given us all a subscription to this amazing resource and library. The Success Magazine.  There are audios, videos, and books that all have to do with personal development and growth.  There is also an archive of the entire Success Magazine available at your fingertips.  This subscription is included in the new coach monthly fee of $15.95.


Become a Team Beachbody Coach Success Magazine Subscription in the Coach Online Office

Click to become a coach and get a subscription to Success Magazine for $15.95 per month

I challenge each and everyone of you to do your 10-20 minutes of personal development everyday and grow into the person you always wanted to be.

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