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Monday Motivation

Monday MotivationHappy Saturday! 

I am enjoying a nice quiet day at home with Brian. My left leg is recovering slowly from my soccer injury, but at least it is making progress. I walked yesterday most of the day without my crutches.  It was pretty awesome day as I got to work on finalizing an amazing cardiology research project. Hopegully, this will be able to help people in the future with heart disease and cancer. Working towards a brighter tomorrow! I also met up with one of my best friends, Karen, before she moves to another state for a new job. Excited for her, but will miss her! Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime!

Determination Motivation Achieve Goals

Today I modified my workout and focused on my core. I chose P90X2 AB RipperX and Turbofire Core 20. As far as modifying, the initial band moves in Turbofire were ok; I could not lifmy left knee up as much as usual. The floor moves were ok besides the move where go over your head and then do bicycles. I ended up just doing bicycles. I stayed in plank instead of doing the in and out knees. P90X2 had to be modified a little more which mostly consisted on not being able to extend my left leg quite as much during the workouts. Overall, I was happy these workouts didn’t have to modify much. Having the modifiers present during the workouts also helped to give me some ideas. Love that all the Beachbody workout programs have modifiers! I threw in 50+ pushups throughout to keep my calorie burn high. Having a heart rate monitor helps to keep me on track with my calories burned. During the workouts I can also make sure I pushing myself based on my heart rate. As I do the workouts again I know where I was before so it helps to make me push it an improve. This is where tracking really helps. Writing down reps, weights, how you felt during a workout…it all helps in the long run! I especially noted this when I first did P90X. Having those workout sheets filled out make all the difference! If you need help finding out where you can get them, just let me know! There are sheets for most of the workouts like Insanity, RevAbs, P90X2.

I am looking forward to getting back to running, soccer and my workouts! Missing my Turbofire & PUMP! Insanity will have to wait until my running gets back on rack for the marathon. I hope you are staying on track. Small things everyday leads to consistency! These workouts are made so you can modify whether injured out not. I would be happy to discuss how the program of your choice! 

Get Healthy Today! All it takes is the decision to Start!


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