Get a Quick Effective Workout!


Quick Effective Workout!

When short on time nothing is better than having a quick effective workout ready to go. Can you Believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday!! Time flies! We always want more if it. I know I do! We are all short on time some days…OK probably more days than not. The things that keep us healthy are the things that seem to get skipped – like our workouts!!!! We all want a go to quick effective workout that will burn calories fast!I don’t always have an hour to do a full workout, or sometimes even 30 minutes. I am sure you are also pressed for time throughout your week.

This is especially true when I am working veterinary emergency. These are are at least 12 hours shifts and by the time I am finished with charts, it often 14-16 hours! The last thing I want to do when I get home is workout! Crawling in bed is more on my mind. Those in the medical community, veterinary and human know this well. But I can usually find 10 minutes, once, twice, or even 3 times throughout my day. So can you. Consistency and planning is key! That is why having this quick effective workout will help you stay on track.

Quick Effective Workout

quick effective workout

What is this Quick Effective Workout You Ask?

Here is my quick effective workout that can be done in 10 minutes. No equipment needed! This is great to do during a break, in between calls, etc! You could do this during lunch. Having this consistent dedication to getting a workout in, no matter how short will keep you on track for long term success. Even if you can just squeeze it in once in your day, your body will get the benefit. Before you procrastinate and say you will get your workout in tomorrow (we ALL do this, me included!), try this quick effective workout plan.

The Quick Effective Workout:

1 minute jumping jacks

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. 1 minute burpees*
  3. 1 minute push ups
  4. 1 minute wall squat**
  5. 1 minute jumping jacks
  6. 1 minute front lunges alternating legs
  7. 1 minute push ups
  8. 1 minute runner’s lunge – left leg
  9. 1 minute runner’s lunge – right leg
  10. 1 minute jumping jacks
End with 2 sets of 15 crunches. Do the best you can! Try pushups from your knees if needed. If you cannot yet to an exercise for 1 minute, run/jog in place. You WILL get there! This the quick effective workout in a nutshell!
quick effective workout burpees

How to do a burpee


*burpees: from standing position put hands on ground, kick feet out into plank position, kick feet back in, stand up and jump, repeat

**wall squat: stand against wall and squat down, keeping weight in heels of your feet, make sure to step feet out far enough so your knees are directly over your toes.

***runner’s lunge: bend forward and put both hands on floor on either side of 1 leg, step other leg back and forth tapping the floor. All weight is kept in heel of front foot, barely touching floor with other foot.

How to make the most of this quick effective workout?

The best way to get the most out of this quick effective workout is to properly prepare. Make sure to hydrate. I workout in the morning so the first thing I do- well after letting out Hope, our dog out-is to drink some water. You are dehydrated when you wake up. I typically drink anywhere from 2o-40 oz. Then slowly warm up by jogging in place to get your blood pumping. You are now ready for this quick effective workout!

I also like using a heart rate monitor to calculate my calorie burn during this quick effective workout. I also use it to make sure I am pushing myself by looking at my heart rate after each exercise. You want to be working close to your max heart rate. I’ll explain how to determine your max heart rate in another post. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, I will also show you how to calculate your instantaneous heart rate. These blogs are coming soon!

What is another quick effective workout?

If I am short on time, one of my other go to workouts is Ten Minute Trainer. Its great for busy people both beginners and advanced alike. It is a quick effective workout that obliterates calories! My dad is going to be starting this program! I had him do a few workouts from this program when I was home visiting my parents in New York. Its was great to help my dad be active. He definitely got a quick effective workout! There is no better way to inspire your family to become healthy then setting a good example. It was fun to workout together!

I use this quick effective workout  before my emergency shifts to get stress relief typically do the Yoga dvd as well as the ab video. In 10-20 minutes I am done! I run Support/Challenge Groups with this program as well as work with people one on one. Ten Minute Trainer great for beginners new to exercise as well seasoned exercisers. You can stack the workouts to increase your time or just do a one workout for a quick effective workout.

Ok, I will wait while you do this workout NOW! No time like the present to burn some calories!

Quick Effective Workout

Ready, Set, GO!

 Congrats on finishing this quick effective workout!


How do you feel?  Have any exercises you want to add to this quick effective workout? Did you heart rate get up? Sweating? Don’t you feel GREAT! Make sure to drink some water to rehydrate.

Don’t be Shy! Please let me know your thoughts on this workout by commenting below. I am always looking for suggestions on how I can improve my content.

Be Healthy!

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  • I love seeing ideas like this. A lot of time people are on the road and they use the excuse of not having any equipment. You can get an incredible workout right from your hotel room. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post Christina! I will have to keep this routine in mind when I am on vacation or short on time Thanks!

  • Great post! Really enjoyed reading it, like you sometimes even when I am bone tired I know I have to get my workout in, so quick and effective are the only way to go for me if I don’t want to skip it and feel like crap the next day because of it. Thanks for this doll, your fan at will be coming back often to read your blogs!

  • Great 10 min workout! You are so correct in that we have a happen of letting our workouts go when pressed for time. I don’t have to workout for an hour to get an effective workout.

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