Prepare to Get A Little Obsessed


Prepare to Get A Little Obsessed

Prepare To Get A Little Obsessed

Have you seen our test group results for Autumn Calabrese’ new workout program, 80 Day Obsession? The results the test groupers saw are incredible!

80 Day Obsession Test Group Results

80 Day Obsession Test Group Results

Therefore, I am SUPER excited to share with you that Team Beachbody is doing a little sneak peek into this program! It is called A little Obsessed and I wanted to write this post to share some more information about it with you.

What is A Little Obsessed?

A Little Obsessed is a 5 Day sneak peek into the 80 Day Obsession program with Autumn Calabrese. The workouts are going to be streamed LIVE on Beachbody on Demand November 14-18th and will disappear after 24 hours!! You won’t be able to see them again until December 20th.

Each workout is under 30 minutes and let me tell you you will feel it! These workouts focuses on your abs and booty!!Legit– this program works!! Loving the results from this week’s sneak peek and it makes me even more motivated to continue on.


You will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, these booty bands and these sliders for the week. Keep them out because you will need them for the full 80 Day Obsession program too!

Get plugged in to the support group!


Get prepped for the program by joining my Support group on Facebook. This is a closed group so only the members of the group can see what you are posting. We are currently doing 21DFX and 21DFExtreme will finish it out once A Little Obsessed is over!

You can fill out the application below.

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