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Staying consistent can be tough! Soreness, injuries, and life can put obstacles in your way. I am dealing with one of those now. It’s been a eye-opening experience.  On Sunday, during the first half of my soccer game, I went to get a ball the opposing team’s goalie bobbled. We were within the 18 just at the out of bounds line. I turn to cross the ball and found myself in the next second on the floor, not being able to move my left leg. Thank goodness it was just stunned- one of those “bone on bone” hits.  This is how many soccer players break legs so to say I was a “little” concerned would be an understatement. Within a few moments, I was able move my leg, but it was really painful especially when trying to bend it or turn it. I had not heard a crack or a pop at the time so that was reassuring. To make a long story short, I was out of the game and have not been able to workout the past few days. I had my left leg x-rayed on Monday as I was concerned about a possible fibula fracture. The area just below my left knee was really swollen and painful. Thank goodness no fracture, but I was put on crutches.

My Crutches

My Crutches!


I can tell you, crutches and I do NOT get along, lol. So after many days of ice and rest and my husband calling me “grumpy”, I decided I need to get some sort of workout in for everyone’s peace of mind! I looked though my videos and settled on P90X Arms and Shoulders as it has all upper body moves and can be modified with a chair. A year ago, I can tell you, I would not have been worried about missing a workout or getting back on track!  I can tell you getting that workout in felt great! I got me back on track. As I slowly heal, I am excited to find more workouts I can modify and pass it on to you. Whether you are starting anew with a program or in the middle, DO NOT GIVE UP! Do the BEST you can! The important part if that you have done it at ALL!

Here is how I felt post-workout!

Have a Healthy and Happy Day!

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