How To Not Let Injuries Derail You From Reaching Your Fitness & Health Goals!

Injuries Motivation Goals

Injuries Can Frustrate!

Everyone who has been through an injury knows that it’s not an easy thing to go through. I’ve been there and re-learning it now. I have had to sit out of important soccer games, missed out on improving on my runs and training for the marathon as well as missing my Insanity and Turbofire Cardio workouts. It can be physically tough to go through rehabilitating an injury, but I think the bigger challenge is actually surviving the injury. This post isn’t meant to tell you how to treat your physical injury, but how to deal with the emotional challenges that you face when recovery from injury.

Some of you are New to working out, some of you are Athletes and some just want to DO that next rep, increase the weight and make progress on our health and fitness goals No matter your goal, an injury can be frustrating.

As your injury starts to improve, you are on the recovery part of your injury. You can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can do some of the things you want but not all. Today was an example for me. I got up this morning with the intention of trying to run. Pre-Workout Energy and Endurance In! Awesome stuff! Brian was meeting friends for a 6 mi run but I just wanted to test out the leg and go really slow- at the most I was thinking 5K. I have been doing more cardio (Turbofire Class 30 and P90X Kenpo) -still modifying- mixed with my weight (P90X Shoulders & Arms, Chest and Back) and Core Workouts (Insanity Cardio Abs, P90X2 Ab Ripper X, Turbofire Core 20, RevAbs Mericiless Abs) So I thought his was  a realistic goal. I also jogged in place at home and at work (in between veterinary appointments yesterday lol) so I was feeling optimistic

It is beautiful and cool here in Houston (55F) today. So, to make a long story short, I warmed up, stretched, and went to run. I felt ok for the first 2 minutes, but very tentative – not my normal stride. By 5 minutes, I was feeling it in my left leg and decided it was not worth it (to injure it further) to continue. I came home and got my frustration out with modified Les Mills PUMP Combat. 🙂 SO excited for this full program! Early Christmas present to me! It wasn’t want I WANTED to do today, but I got my workout in and stayed on Track in my fitness and health goals. So CAN you! I just need to learn more patience lol and it is a wait and see on the marathon I am scheduled to run in January (my first!) as I should have started my training September 23rd– a week post my soccer injury.  Chocolate helps the frustration too! Love the vegan chocolate shakeology! Got to make the best of it! This is a lifetime journey of health. Being there for my family and friends is WAY more important than making sure I run in a race. Don’t worry I am NOT giving up yet! Things happen and you have to accept and move on. There is a reason for everything!

I think you’ve all heard enough from me about injuries, so I wanted to share a few tips that I’m hoping will reach all of you and maybe help you if you ever find yourself facing an injury. It’s long but totally worth it!!!

Injuries Motivation Goals

Be realistic.  

Find the middle ground between giving an injury attention and not letting it dominate your life. Do NOT ignore it as trying to work hard while injured s few weeks of rehab can turn into 6 months or more. Or a surgery. On the other end of the spectrum: If you live it, you are going to let it affect your quality of life and possibly set back your recovery. Your brain fires more than 60,000 thoughts a day. If they are dominated by negative thoughts, how will that affect the cells in your body? Psycho-social effects are powerful.

Eat powerful and anti-inflammatory foods. Do not underestimate the power of fish oil, hydration, sleep, heat and ice. Ice, mobilize, correct and strengthen, stretch, and put some solid nutrition in that belly before a solid night’s sleep.

Knowledge is power. Understand the anatomy and physiology of your injury. This will help to remove the feeling of helplessness and deep frustration that happens early in an injury, or when things are not progressing as you expected.

Recovery is not a linear progression. There are bumps in the road. You might slip on ice or take a spill and knock yourself back a few months. You might have to put a pause in your rehab program to take a few days to manage pain and rest. The body is an unpredictable, complex system. We don’t even fully understand it yet. Hey, that sounds familiar. It’s kind of like … Life.

Get perspective. Talk to other people who had a similar injury. You need to see that you will come out on the other side ok. Forums or even people in your box can be a lifeline, especially when you are feeling isolated during rehab. Get on the Team Beachbody message boards after getting your free membership HERE and then Connect in our Facebook Support Group.

Cancel the reservations for your pity party. It’s ok to have a Bad few days here and there but get out, fast.  Negative energy is not productive. Throw out a request on your Facebook status and watch the feel-good quotes roll in!

Don’t let injury derail your Nutrition! Your training load may have to be reduced significantly. Do not seek comfort in food! Do not let this get to you. Never let what is happening on the outside affect your motivation to fix the inside. Track and Stay the Course!

Keep a journal. Log your progress: Setbacks and improvements, environments and circumstances. Recording one improvement each day is incredibly helpful. These will help you stay motivated.

Focus on what you can do. As I am currently sidelined major cardio Beachbody workouts as well as from soccer ans running, I have been focusing on upper body exercise and building a strong core.

Set very small and specific goals. Smash them. And celebrate them. Scratch PR tweets and adopt rehab progress tweets. Don’t be ashamed, your friends probably find your status update about overcoming a setback far more interesting and inspiring than your latest PR.

Choose to see the positive! On Bad days, think about this:

Research shows that people who go through major challenges become stronger,  more resilient, and more appreciative of life than those who do not experience challenges.  Also, an injury is a fantastic opportunity to improve your whole self. If you dial in more areas of your life, things will come together much, much faster for you.

 Stay Strong!!

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