How To Celebrate Milestones In Your Life!

Celebrate Goals and Milestones

Good Morning!

Today is a special day as I celebrate 3 years of marriage with my Brian, my husband. It brought to mind how important it is to celebrate events in your life both small and large. We often take for granted the people and things we have in our life. We go about our daily activities, engrossed often in just making it though the day. I know I can get caught up in this. I have realized life is to be treasured and embraced. We do not know how long we have in this world and the last thing I want it not have embraced the journey. Tracking both my fitness and professional goals has become a priority.

Brian and Me at our Wedding

These past 3 years have flown by and I know I truly blessed to have Brian in my life. Who else would put up with me! 🙂 One of the goals we have as a couple is to be healthy for each other and our future family.  We have also shared our journey with our friends, family and coachees. Together we are stronger!  I wanted to share you a few things you could celebrate on your health and fitness journey.  

 How To Celebrate Your Fitness Milestones

I know many of you have long-term goals of losing significant weight, but know what each pound lost is one step closer to your goal, one step towards a brighter, healthier future and it deserves recognition. Call a friend/family member, write on your journal, post on Facebook, Twitter or My Fitness Pal. You NEVER know who you will INSPIRE!!

Success comes along the journey not at the conclusion! Never forget how important it is to celebrate milestones along the way.  Small celebrations can include:

  • A simple notation in your journal, taking a picture an putting it in a scrapbook
  • Posting a certificate on your wall
  • Go buy a gift card to your favorite store NOW and use it when you reach your NEXT milestone.
  • Call a friend and let them know or send them a picture of you as you progress through each stage (milestone)
  • Have a gathering or party
  • Get yourself a little something special—you deserve it!
  • Treat yourself to a special event―sporting event, spa day

 Reach out beyond yourself.  Personal celebrations can keep you motivated, but sharing it with others is important! Having people on your team, celebrating with you makes all the difference! I do this with my monthly challenge groups. Everyone celebrates each other’s success and helps them through the process. I have had more people reach their goals than ever before due to the Challenge Groups! You are not going to achieve your goals alone.  There are going to be a lot of people working hard to make you successful.  Those people deserve recognition and encouragement all along the way.  And by the way, the celebration itself, in whatever form—only deepens your relationships further.

My Challenge To You:

Share one of your milestones with a friend you trust and respect.  Ask your friend for some ideas around how you might celebrate the milestone once you achieve it. What other ways might you celebrate this milestone?  How can you show generosity to those who helped you and ensure that your story of success is told?

Let’s Celebrate Together!

Celebrate Goals and Milestones

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  • Hi Christina! Congratulation belatedly on your anniversary. This was a nice post. It’s important to celebrate the small milestones that lead to our goals. It definitely keeps us motivated and accountable.

    • Christina Bove

      Thank you! It was a really nice day. 3 years and counting! 🙂

  • Health is a journey not a destination. It is important to enjoy the journey.

    • Christina Bove

      Yes it is David! Thank you for visiting.

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