Holiday Healthy Survival Tips

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips

We all can use some Holiday Healthy Survival Tips,  Me Included!!! Can anyone else believe that Thanksgiving is just right around the corner?! I think I blinked and it became winter. I know you must be thinking, it’s the Holidays, there go my health goals. Are you saying to yourself, “I’ll pick up after the New Year?” STOP 😛 and Let’s make this the Healthiest Holiday Season YET! Get Ready to be the Center of Healthy Attention and Inspire others! I’m here to help you with these 6 Holiday Healthy Survival Tips.

Don’t think about weight gain this holiday season (thinking is believing & will undermine your good intentions) – think about celebrating with friends and family while simultaneously enjoying the sensation of living in a body that’s healthy.

Below are 6 Holiday Healthy Survival Tips you can use to change how you think this time of year. The result will make it easier for you to make the right choices – even when a lot of people around you aren’t.

 Holiday Healthy Survival Tips #1 – It’s not about the actual holidays.

What you do on Thanksgiving Day, during Hanukkah, or on Christmas Day isn’t your major concern. It’s all the other days in between that will determine if your holidays are healthy. You may encounter holiday treats at random at work or at home from a kind neighbor bringing you a home-baked gift. These situations are much more frequent than a binge on a holiday. Overeating on Thanksgiving Day isn’t going to get you out of shape. Just like doing things right one day isn’t going to get you in shape. It’s all the little things on a daily basis that determines if you are moving toward fitness or away from it. One of the best ways to stay Accountable is to join a Support Group. Just checking in each day can help you stay on track. I run a few of these a month so contact me for more details.

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips – #2. Pick your top 2-3 favorite treats

We’ve all got our favorites. List them, and stick to these only  so you can enjoy your favorites without consuming any “accidental” junk food you weren’t planning on.

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips #3 – Relax & Let go of perfect.

This is Bigger for a reason! We don’t expect it in other areas of life – school, work or in with our family members. So why do we expect “perfect” when we think about our fitness routines? You may miss a workout. In fact, everyone will at some point. It’s not the end of the world. Really. Just make sure you get the next one done. Consistency is key!

Love this quote from Tony Horton (fitness guru & creator of P90x, P90X2, P90X3 & P90):

“The holidays are stressful as it is, but we instinctively choose the exact opposite of what we really need to reduce that stress,” He’s referring to sedentary holiday activities and diet-busting food traditions. “In reality — the thing that makes the holidays more fun and relaxing is healthy living.”

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips #4 – Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

Every year I hear an endless parade of, “I’ve just been so busy with the holidays and family visits, that I couldn’t workout.” This year, focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T. Look for Solutions instead of repeatedly dwelling on the problems and obstacles. I personally find sitting down and scheduling my workouts each week helps me stay on track. It is one of reasons I love the way Beachbody structures our workout programs, everything is laid out for you. If you follow the schedule and nutrition plan, you will be successful. Plus, you have me as your FREE Coach keeping you on track. Use me! I WANT you to SUCCEED!!

Insanity Max:30 Test Group

Insanity Max: 30 Test Group

High-intensity interval training, which burns the maximum calories in the minimum amount of time, can be a godsend over the holidays. Programs like Focus T25, the new Insanity Max:30, P90X3, Turbofire have periods of working out at high speed are interspersed with slower recovery intervals. Other alternatives are to do jumping jacks, jump rope, jog or sprint, alternating bursts of quick activity with a slower pace. I also recommend PiYo for a low Intensity workout that burns a ton of calories & the 21 Day Fix for an easy way to plan healthy meal with correct portion sizes.

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips #5 – Be Prepared and Pack Supplies

Bring along a favorite fitness DVD, yoga mat, running shoes, etc! Having a few accessories will help motivate you. I travel with whatever workout program I am doing at the time. Right now I will be bringing Insanity: The Asylum home to NY during Thanksgiving along with my running shoes and packets of shakeology. Not only will these keep me on track, but I will be able to help my family as well. I often go running with my twin sister, Michele or do Focus T25 workouts  with my mom or Turbofire or PiYo workouts with my younger sister, Megan. We like to mix it up as a family working together to get healthy. I love blending up a yummy shakeology breakfast for my mom and cooking a healthy dinner that everyone enjoys and doesn’t feel guilty after! This year I know I will enjoy some fun walks with Megan and my new dog niece, Zoe.

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips #6 – Holiday Party Strategies

To avoid overindulging at parties, make sure you eat normally that day. Starving yourself beforehand often backfires! I know this from personal experience. Starving leads to overindulging. Head for the low-calorie foods — such as carrot and celery sticks, fruit and lean chicken — first. Put your food on a plate rather than snacking straight from the buffet, and then sit down to enjoy it. Do NOT Linger by the Buffet!! Later on, allow yourself a moderate portion of something truly rich and satisfying. For me its something chocolate! 🙂 Keep calories from alcohol to a minimum by diluting white wine with club soda to make a wine spritzer.

If you do end up overeating at a holiday party, don’t the guilt from one mistake torpedo your plan for the rest of the holidays. One of my secrets to get back on track to lose those extra few pounds quickly (and long-term) is the 3 Day Refresh. I will be doing a post-Thanksgiving Group so contact me for more info!

Holiday Healthy Survival Tips – Conclusion

No matter what the most important aspect of the holidays is spending quality time with loved ones. You have the Choice on how healthy it is going to be. The best GIFT you can give yourself (and your family) is the gift of Health. Let’s make it healthy together! Whats tips do you have to stay on track? Please Comment below. Be sure to Share these Holiday Healthy Survival Tips with others if you think they could benefit using the social media icons below.

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