Goal Setting: PUSH in the New Year

Goal Setting: PUSH in the New Year

Happy New Year! Today is the start of a GREAT year.  How is your day going? Have you started on you’re your health and fitness goals? How are you doing with your goal setting?

After getting in some extra sleep on my last day of vacation before work tomorrow, I made sure to keep it healthy with chocolate shakeology for breakfast. I love knowing I am starting the day off with something so incredibly jammed packed with nutrients and antioxidants. I also made sure to get in some water as soon as I woke up. You are dehydrated when you wake up so drinking at least 8-10oz of water when you wake up will jump-start your metabolism and  help rehydrate you.  After a long run on Sunday, my plan was to get in a shorter run after doing my Les Mills Combat workout yesterday. I am running my second ½ marathon on January 13th for an amazing charity called Vanessa’s Big Heart which raises money for kids with heart disease. My goal for the ½ is to do it under 2 hours. Last year I was working though an injury and came in just over 2 hours so I believe this is doable. It has been a little chilly here in Houston, but I bundled up and got in 5.26 miles. Felt good to start the year off on a positive fitness note! One of the powers of goal setting is that is allows you to push yourself further than you thought possible.

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Goal Setting: Run Completed!


One of the things I decided to do this year was to start off the year with a PUSH of Accountability to help me with my goal setting.  I mean this literally as I am doing Chalene Johnson’s PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve! Chalene is an amazing leader as well fitness innovator. She is the developer of one of my favorite workouts, Turbofire. The purpose of this challenge is to reset your priorities and help you get your life together and moving forward in a positive direction. You can do this 30-day program using her book, PUSH: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve!goal settingor you can sign up for her free daily e-mails. Each day she e-mails you tasks to help you become more organized and focused on your goals. I am doing the online version for this 30 days and I received my Day 1 e-mail this morning. Come on this journey with me!

I just watched the first video where Chalene outlines the program. I am really Excited! Defining your priorities and goals is vital to having success in life and weight loss. They go hand in hand. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Have you started yet? 🙂 Start now! Make today the day you start making progress on your goals.

At the end of the video Chalene asks us to answer a few questions which will help with future goal setting. Here are the questions and my answers.

 Goal Setting: What are your values?

My values stem from my family. My family and friends are my number one priority. My dear husband, Brian, who is my rock, my best friend  is my number one supporter. He also has to be put up with me daily. He likely should get a medal! lol My parents, Gram & Gramps and my sisters, Megan and Michele (my twin!).  I value their health, goals and overall well being. I value my faith, moral integrity and the passion to always want to be better. I value my veterinary education and how it has afforded me the opportunity to help animals stay healthy. I value my job in human cardiovascular research as it has and will help many people who are suffering with heart disease. I value being a Team Beachbody coach as it as allowed me to meet people all around the world and help them reach their goals.  Most importantly, it has allowed me to get my family involved in health and fitness. This results on them being around longer in my life. That makes me so incredibly happy. Being a coach introduced me to daily personal development, which has opened up my eyes to continued self-improvement and being a coach as also kept me accountable to my own health and fitness goals. Plus, I have made so many amazing like-minded friends!

Goal Setting: What’s most important to you?

My family, my friends and my health and the health of those I love. The health of those I coach who have made the decision to become healthier. To really work to take each day as a blessing and not for granted. It is so easy to want to “just make it through the day”, but taking a moment to reflect on our blessings can have a huge impact. I fall into this habit as well and I know when I take the time to reflect I truly know how lucky I am to be alive. It may sound funny or weird, but it gives me a positive boost for the day.

Goal Setting: What do you want people to know you for?

I want people to know me as true friend and supporter. Someone they can count on and trust.

Goal Setting: What do you want people to remember you by?

I want people to remember me as someone who helped people, the greater good. I truly believe in paying it forward so if someone feels I have done that then I am truly blessed.

 Goal Setting: What are the guiding principles in your life, family, faith, is it work, success, your passion, your hobby?

The guiding principles in my life are my family and my faith.  Having their support and guidance in my life. Knowing that whatever I do I am living by the strong principles my parents instilled in me to keep moving towards my goals and to have deep integrity and respect for others. My faith allows me to believe in tomorrow and the good in others.  I have strong passion for my work and becoming successful both for myself and for my family.  Through personal development, I strive to become a better person within and learn new skills to improve myself so I can help people better. I appreciate the beauty of the world and I definitely feel that photography is my way of expression. It is one of my hobbies I want to really work on and explore.

Goal Setting: What are the things that really are – that feel like a calling to you?

I feel I have a calling to help people reach their health and fitness goals. By doing so they can improve their lives and the lives of those they care about the most. Through my veterinary clinical work and human cardiology research I feel I have a calling to help both people and animals and provide a path to the future medical breakthroughs.

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WOW! Chalene was right. Spending the time to answer these questions helped me reflect on who I am today and who I want to become. I am looking forward to Day 2 of my goal setting PUSH.

What are your goals? What is important to you? Take 5 minutes and answer these questions for yourself. Share some of them below if you want. I want to hear from you!

Best Wishes and Happy Day 1 of the New Year! Get Goal Setting!

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  • I love this post…. great info

  • I LOVE Chalene! I’ve read PUSH twice and done the online version once, I’m doing another round now to start the year off right. Looks like you’re off to a great start too =)

  • Chalene’s Push program and book are AMAZING! She has helped me reach so many goals! Love her and PUSH!

  • Let me try answering those questions! Thanks for sharing!

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