Motivational Monday: Fit Tips to Start or Restart your Fitness Journey

Fit Tips

Fit Tips to Start or Restart your Fitness Journey

Who doesn’t need a few Fit Tips to stay Motivated! Happy Motivational Monday! Its almost the end of January–>Have you kept your New Years’s Resolutions? Need to get back on track? Need some Fit Tips? Look No further! It does not matter if you have Slipped up; what Matters is that you ReEngage! I hope these Fit Tips help! 

Fit Tips

Fit Tips


My Best Fit TIPS!

Fit Tips: Stay Hydrated!

Hydration is one of the most overlooked aspects of nutrition. Staying fit is all about energy levels and clarity and that’s where hydration comes in. Often when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Doctors will tell you take your body weight, cut it in half and that’s what you should be drinking in ounces. So let’s toast to drinking more water and getting healthier in 2013! When I get up one of the first things I do it fill up my water bottle and drink about 40 oz.

Fit Tips: Don’t Skip Breakfast. Fuel Up With Protein-Packed Shake Instead.

Shakeology to go!

Shakeology to Go!

No matter how busy you are, rushing to get the kids off to school and getting yourself to work, my message to everyone is that you have to eat breakfast! Starting your day with a good meal is the key to losing weight, experts say. By eating breakfast, you spark up your metabolism and you eliminate cravings. My quick and healthy option: a breakfast shake. I love Shakeology because its so easy and quick to make on the go. I get to have chocolate everyday!

Fit Tips: Motivation follows action.

It’s my favorite saying when it comes to making workouts a regular part of your life. When you’re sitting on the couch feeling completely unmotivated, force yourself to get up, get into your workout clothes and out the door. Once you start moving the motivation will almost definitely kick in!  I lay my clothes out the night before and get my workout in the dvd player. I also schedule my workouts which help me stay on track by having a plan. Posting a calendar that you have to check off each day for your workout is  a Great idea. Its one of the reasons I love Beachbody workout as they always give you a calendar! I know it felt good to check off each completed Insanity Day!! It is one of the most helpful fit tips I have found.

Fit Tips: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is yet another extremely overlooked component of our health and weight loss. The human body needs eight hours of sleep, but the typical American sleeps only six hours a night. That’s a loss of two hours when your body is releasing fat and burning hormones.  Since everyone is busy, I suggests starting small by getting 15 more minutes of sleep a night. Start keeping track of how much sleep you are getting and you will be surprised about what you find out. This is the first step needed to make a change in your habit. This is one of the most important Fit Tips of them all!

Fitness Tips: Use your phone or tablet as a fitness tool.


Fit Tips

Fit Tips


Most commuters are tied to their devices even more than the average American since most of us take mass transit to and from work.  Use that time spent staring at your phone to guide your fitness routine.  Keep a record of food and exercise daily so that if the results don’t start coming you can look back and see why. I really love my myfitnesspal. I have an app for my iPhone. I also love the P90X app. Great for tracking my workout. Contact me on how to get the P90X & Body Beast Apps!

Fit Tips: Something is better than nothing.

It’s easy to decide to skip all activity when getting a workout in isn’t a possibility, but even something as simple as taking two steps at a time up the subway stairs can burn a few extra calories, tone your glutes and get you to where you’re going to a bit faster. Take the stairs or park a little further from the store so you get in some more miles walking. There are also some great 10 minute workouts! Come check out my Busy Peron’s Workout Solution!

 You CAN do this! Use these Fit Tips to get Started!

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