Busy Professional & Having Difficulty Finding Time to Workout?

Crazy Hours, Stressed Out? Want to Workout BUT Think you have NO Time?

Don’t Think You Can Get The Results You Want? 


 exercise time busy professional

Get the RESULTS you Want in only TEN MINUTES A DAY!! with my

“Busy Professional Exercise Solution Challenge Pack”

Ten Minute Trainer Challenge Pack for Busy Professional



The entire program can be done from

the privacy of your own home with the

support of a private Facebook group &

access to Me!

Your Busy Professional Exercise Solution Challenge Pack includes:

  • Celebrity trainer, Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer DVD series.  Tony’s breakthrough workouts and easy-to-follow meal plan is specifically designed for the busy professional like you!
  • Your first 30 Days of Shakeology, The Healthiest Meal of the Day. The Frozen Dessert you’ll WANT to Eat that burns Fat faster than you’ve ever imagined!
  • FREE Standard Shipping
  • A FREE 30 Day Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody Club where you will be able to track your workouts and meals.

If you bought everything in this Busy Professional Exercise Solution Pack individually it would cost over $250!!!

Who am I?  

I’m a Wife, Veterinarian & Business Owner– basically a

Busy Professional JUST LIKE YOU!

But in this limited time offer, the entire Busy Professional Exercise Solutions Challenge Pack can be yours for the low price of

$180 + tax

That is a savings of over $76!!!

Make this the YEAR you get FIT rather than FAT! And approach the Summer EAGER to show off how you look!



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