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Team Beachbody Health Bet

The Health Bet is BACCCCKKK! The Team Beachbody Health Bet kicks off Jan 9th!  Would You Be Willing To Bet On Bettering Your Health? Maybe you have started to get word that BEACHBODY IS GOING TO PAY PEOPLE TO GET HEALTHY DURING THE MONTH OF January. Yes you read that right. There is going to be a challenge coming up soon called the ” Beachbody Health Bet.” This is going to begin on January 9th and wrap up on February 5th.

Team Beachbody Health Bet

Here is how it will work –

You will need to be enrolled in a challenge group with a me as your coach using the my challenge tracker app. Please click here if you would like to have me as your coach and sign up for your FREE account. Each week you will need to log at least three workouts and five days of shakeology consumptions in your app. Those who have met these qualifications during the entire challenge period will be entered in the pot to WIN some of the prize payout (up to 3 MILLION Dollars!!).

Beachbody has already contributed 2 million dollars to the prize pot with the potential for it to increase to 3 million. How much will you win? Who knows until you play. Regardless if you win one dollar or a hundred dollars your going to WIN either way because you will have taken steps to improve your health.

Please feel free to email me with more questions or fill out the application form below so that you can join in on the fun.

1. I need to be your official Beachbody coach. If you don’t have a coach, sign up here for a free Team Beachbody membership…. (If you are already working with a coach please reach out to him or or to see if they are offering challenge groups for the contest period. Or, if you are not working with a coach, I would love to support you on my team!  Email me at for how to join my team or use the link above to join with the FREE account.

2. A Challenge Pack which is your workout program bundled with Shakeology at a huge discount. Check out the Challenge Packs here…. Browse all discount Challenge Packs.(Or just an order of Shakeology if you already own a program.)

3. A smart phone to access the My Challenge Tracker app. (Works on iPhones and Android – I’ll send you the link to download the app.)

Ready to get paid to get fit? Let’s do this together! Just fill out this form here or below and I’ll be in touch with the details!

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