Believe In Yourself!

Happy Motivational Monday!

Today is a start of a new week; a day where anything can happen! I had a good start to the week! I woke up early and got in an Awesome P90X Shoulders & Arms workout. I burned 332 calories. I was able to increase reps and weights on most exercises so pretty happy. Tracking with the iPhone P90X app. Really cool! I had my post-workout P90X Results & Recovery Formula before showering and getting ready for work. I love the Results & Recovery formula! It has really helped to reduce my muscle soreness and recovery. If you do not have some (why not?! :)), low fat chocolate milk (about 8-10oz) is a good substitute. I have used this when I ran out of R & R. For Breakfast, I enjoyed some delicious vegan chocolate shakeology.

Overall, my weekend was good. I got in some core workouts (P90X2 ABRipperX & Turbofire Core 20) as my left leg is still healing. It is coming along and I did not need to use my crutches at work today.  I am hoping by this weekend to be able to get back into cardio! This Saturday is Beachbody Super Saturday. This event is only held 4 times a year, so I am super excited to get in a Les Mills PUMP Combat workout with fellow coaches and guests as well as get in some great training to further our mission to #endthetrendofobesity. One thing I am excited for tonight is the season premiere of HIMYM!  Do you watch this show? Brian and I are super How I Met Your Mother addicts! I am sure it’s going to be a good one!

 As this is Motivation Monday, let’s get some Motivation!

 One of the hardest things at time is to Believe in Ourselves. I struggle with this and I can tell you that once you believe something is possible, it really is!  Once you believe you can reach your goal, you will find a way to get there. It may not be EASY, but it will be Easier.

Believe In Yourself Cat Into Lion


Here are few short tips!

1. It may sound “silly”, but repeat to yourself every day several times: “I believe in myself!”.  Overtime this will lead you to be more confident.

2. Focus on the positive. What you think is how you will feel. Try to focus your attention on your positive sides. Praise yourself for certain achievements. Write these achievements down where you can SEE them.

3. Self improvement i.e. personal development is essential. Listen to audio, read books. Find people you like to read and listen to. I personally love The Slight Edge, Eat that Frog and listening to Jim Rohn, Tony Robinson and Dani Johnson. It has increased my skills and given me a more positive outlook. Becoming a coach introduced me to these tools and I have not looked back!

4. Write down your goals and achieve them.  Start small and then dream BIG. Achieving your goals is the best way to believe in yourself.

5. Think of yourself as a confident person. Do this at least 2 times a day. By doing this you will create in your mind the image of a confident person. Then try to get closer to your ideal. (Remember, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, IT WORKS!)

6. Do the things YOU really want to do.  Just jump in. What is stopping you? Many people because of a lack of confidence give up the things they like to do.

Overall, just believe in yourself and do not worry what others think. It’s you that is important: Your Goals, Dream and Desires. I am not saying to be selfish. 🙂 What I am saying is that by Believing in yourself you will better yourself and others around you. Improve the life for your family, your health, your work environment. Attempt things outside your comfort zone. You have the POWER if just Believe! It’s all up to you.

I Believe you CAN do it!

Have a Great Day!

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  • Tracy

    Thanks for the pep talk…believe in yourself is the hardest part for me. I am about to begin Insanity and my biggest fear is I can’t do it. This has given me a new outlook.

    • Christina Bove

      I am so happy you found benefit! Insanity is a great program! Take it day by day. You CAN so it. Look for a accountability and support group. If you do not have one, I run one. Just let me know how I can help.

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