Get Active With Dad

Active with Dad

Get Active With Dad

Active with Dad

Active With Dad


Let’s get Active with Dad! Happy Father’s Day! Today is a day to reflect and show love to the men who have supported us throughout our lives. Although I could not see my father in person today due to the distance as I am in Houston and he is in New York, I made sure to call him. I have been truly blessed to have a very supportive Dad who always pushed me to be the best person I could be, told me nothing was impossible and to never give up. These values have helped me keep going even when I have been discouraged and times were tough.  From coaching my soccer or little leagues games through visit during college and beyond. I want my Dad obviously to be around as long as possible so lately we have been focusing on getting him active. I am happy to report he will be starting Ten Minute Trainer! This is a great starter program and I am really excited work with him to help him start making healthy changes. I have helped so many people get healthy and fit, but it’s especially nice when I can impact my own family. I am sure you have realized that family can be the hardest to help! This experience has lead to this blog post about being active with Dad.

A Father’s Day gift is a great way to honor the dads in your life, but I’m pretty sure they would rather spend some quality time with you even more. Skip the typical Father’s Day brunch or dinner and instead make time to do something active with them. Here are a few activities to do with Dad that may inspire you. Since this day is all about him, think of something he’d really enjoy, but will get you both moving.  Plus, make this an ongoing theme and you will healthier together.

Get Active With Dad – Go for a Bike Ride

Explore the neighborhood you grew up with your dad. Or find park that has bike trails. Maybe your father has been wanting to see new areas of development or checking out a historical site. If you don’t have your own bike don’t fret, they are easy to rent. It is a great way to get the whole family involved as well.

Get Active With Dad – Go Fishing

I remember early mornings driving down the highway to one of the forks on Long Island with my dad and sisters. The feel of the first fish on my pole moving back and forth and my Dad helping me reel it in. We typically went for fluke or flounder. There were definitely good days and bad as far as our luck on fishing, but we always had fun.

Get Active With Dad – Go Golfing

Four! My Dad truthfully is not the best golfer, but he enjoys getting out in the sunshine and hitting the course. There are many options from miniature golf, pitch and putt course, 9 hole and full 18 hole courses. This is a great time to have good conversation with a little competition.

Active with Dad

Active With Dad


Get Active With Dad – Go to the Hoops

In other words, play basketball. This can be in your driveway or at a local park or gym.  Can be a one on one pick-up game, a family team challenge or even as simple as H-O-R-S-E or free-throw challenge.

Get Active With Dad – Go for a Walk

Not in the mood for bike riding?  Just get outside and walk.  Scour the neighborhood or hit the trails. Hiking is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

Get Active With Dad – Go Digital

Put your favorite workout in your DVD player and sweat it out together. When I was New York in May I brought my Power 90, Les Mills Combat and Ten Minute Trainer workout DVDs. My dad and I tried the workouts together and from there he decided that Ten Minute Trainer was a good starting point for him. Power 90 and Ten Minute Trainer are great programs to do before tackling P90X which is a more advanced program. Some of my favorite things my customer share are videos of them working out with their kids. One in particular that stands out is the on with the two sons of my one of the coaches on the team, Chad, trying to keep up with ShaunT in Insanity Fast & Furious. Its makes me smile and laugh just thinking about.Its fun being active with Dad.

Get Active With Dad Recap

I hope these ideas have inspired to be active with you Dad today and for days to come. The best gift we can give is health. Go be active with Dad.

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