5 Healthy Super Bowl Tips

5 Healthy Super Bowl Tips


Should Healthy & Super Bowl even be in the same sentence? Super Bowl Sunday is usually synonymous with beer, food, snacks and entertainment galore. For me my kryptonite are CHIPS! But, do NOT fear you CAN make some healthy choices and NOT feel deprived. Here are 5 Healthy Super Bowl Tips.

  1. Work out in the morning. This will set up your day be healthy and even if eating does not go as planned, you will have at least worked off some calories! I already have my workout planned, Day 19 of 80 Day Obsession. I missed a workout Tuesday (caught something nasty on the plane on my way home from New York) so using my usual rest day to my advantage- kicking some calorie butt with Cardio Flow. The name sounds easy…yea its 30 minutes of kick butt calorie torching! Plus, working out = endorphins = better mood!
  2. Eat light meals throughout the day. Repeat after me, do NOT go to a Super Bowl party on an empty stomach. Eating before will less tempt you to empty the chip bowl. One of the reasons I have my craving-blasting chocolate superfood shake every day. In general, you know what to expect. There’s going to be dips, tomato pie, pizza, wings, and soft pretzels galore. Know your personal strengths and weaknesses so come up with a strategy that plays to your strengths. Head-to-head matchups are a great way to stay ahead of the game: “For every wing I have, I am going to eat three carrot sticks.” If your healthy choices outnumber your not-so-healthy choices, you can walk away feeling proud.
  3. Hydrate. Water is important for everyone, not just professional athletes – drink plenty of water during the day. While watching the game, match every beverage you consume with at least 1 glass of water. This will not only help you manage the amount of empty liquid calories you consume in the form beverages, but will also reduce mindless munching!
  4. Bring a healthy side dish to your party.Bringing anything to your Super Bowl party? The best way to control how much you let yourself indulge is to bring a healthy dish to a party so you know you’ll at least have one option that is good for you (and that you know you’ll enjoy)!
  5. Pick your seat wisely and be active during the game. Try not to sit right next to the appetizer table. Stand up and walk around as much as possible throughout the day. Check out some workout moves you can do during the game.

Overall, have a fun AND Healthy time. If you splurge, MOVE on. ONE day will not ruin things. Get back to working out and eating healthy on MONDAY! The issue really is not what you eat on Super Sunday, its how you rebound and get back to good habits. Do NOT let one day lead to a week, a month etc.!

Ok, so whom are you rooting for? Patriots or Eagles? I am a Steeler fan, so lets just say I am not rotting for the Patriots lol. Let me know if these 5 healthy Super Bowl Tips help.

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