4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips


It’s the Monday after the Super Bowl and you most likely need these 4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips. Did your team win? Did you stay the course on your healthy eating? Be honest 🙂 Good news! There are a tons of ways to get back on track and these 4 post super bowl fit tips will help!

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips – Tip 1 Hydrate like Crazy!!

Drink a ton of water over the next few days to flush out the bad. Ramp it up because all that fat and salt is floating through your bloodstream and not making friends with your cells or your waistline.

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips – Tip 2 – Do NOT eat the Leftovers!

I know these are around– chips, wings, cold pizza, baked goods and fried food. Get them OUT of the house. Believe me, willpower only goes so far! Stick to complex carbs (quinoa, sweet potatoes), high healthy protein and high vegetable choices. For example have an omelet with vegetables or shakeology with blueberries for breakfast, a salad with chicken and light dressing for lunch and baked chicken or fish with vegetables and brown rice for dinner.

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips – Tip 3 – Get MOVING!

Yes EVEN when you feel like a food coma, feeling like a slug! Exercise is the best defense against a growing waistline post-Super Bowl. Make sure you hit your target heart rate and mix cardio with weights to burn those excess calories. Some good ones to go for is Tubofire, Insanity Max 30, or 21 day Fix cardio. Also a brisk walk or run or bike ride. Plus you can check out the all new Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps sneak peak workout on Beachbody on Demand! I am just finishing up my first month of Hammer & Chisel and I can tell you this program when used with the proper nutrition & performance line (otherwise I would be SORE every day!!) Rocks! I have a 3 Day Refresh on its way to me before I start month 2 to super charge my results. I haven’t done full measurements yet (waiting for Day 30) but lets just say there are inches and pounds being lost and muscle being gained. My jeans are fitting much nicer!! (insert happy face!)

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips – Tip 4 – Plan your NEXT healthy meal

The act of planning helps you gain control and also helps you lose those feelings of guilt. What is done, is done, move forward in a positive way Sit down and plan your food for the next few days. Simply planning your next meal is a powerful act of self-care that can remind you that food is not public enemy No. 1. Food is FUEL. Why fuel your body with junk, when you can fuel it with foods that fight disease, help you lose weight and overall make you FEEL better! If you need a jump start, seriously consider the 3 Day Refresh. One of my challengers month lost 10 lbs and it jumpstarted him making healthy food choices from then on.

4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips – Summary

The best thing to do it just stop beating yourself up for one bad day. Focus on the present and the healthy food choices and workouts you can do TODAY! I hope these 4 Post Super Bowl Fit Tips helps you get back in track and I am always here to help (just message me!).

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